Mount Gerizim Missionary Baptist Church

One Lord. One Faith. One Baptism. 

Church Vision Statement

We envision..

1.    A people constantly growing in their knowledge of the Bible.

2.   A church that constantly equips people to be effective Bible  scholars

3.   We envision believers constantly aware of God's presence and responding to God with all that they have.

4.   We envision the entire church family having a personal relationship with Christ and having the ability to share their faith using different methods and different styles to touch all believers young and old.

5.   We envision the church bringing people to Jesus Christ and developing them to spiritual maturity and equipping them for service in the church when the time comes.

6.   A church that is united together in constant prayer that God's will be done; contrary to how any of us feel including the pastor.

7.   A caring community of believers that lovingly respond to every physical need and is willing to help when possible.

8.   To be a blessing to families: Rebuilding damaged marriages, restoring families that are in conflict.

9.   A place where God's grace reigns supreme knowing that we all stand in need of God's grace.

These are goals to be accomplished through love, Bible study, communication and the help of all the members with their God given gifts and talents.

Rev. C. R. Riley,  Pastor

In Christ Alone
Susan Ashton (The Apostles Creed)